September 2020

I hope this latest newsletter finds you all in good health and safe in these very uncertain times.  We are sure that there are very few families that have not been affected by the pandemic.  We just hope all have stayed safe throughout these difficult times.

BAGSD will be producing a quarterly newsletter for the full organisation soon and most likely IGP news will be included in that.

The current pandemic has certainly curtailed dog sport activities throughout the summer due to lockdown and some ongoing local restrictions.  We had to cancel our Super Trophy, WUSV Joint Selection Trial, first helper training and a couple of club trials that were booked at that point but I am glad to report that we have now recovered most funds that were laid out for those events.  As I write this newsletter, we should have been in Holland for the FCI, but along with the WUSV and all other major events have been cancelled until next year.

However despite all of this I am glad to say that it seems most of our clubs are now back training in some COVID compliant fashion following all the necessary precautions that the KC and all local authorities etc. have requested.

Though attendance at clubs is down as more cautious individuals do not want to take the risk of training yet, it is a start.  I believe I have now visited six clubs and I am glad to say that they are all complying with social distancing rules etc. to make their training field as safe as is possible under the current circumstances.

The question I often get asked is WHEN can we all start trialling again? especially as other organisations have started limited club trials.  BAGSD is bound to follow all KC guidelines and the KC will not authorise any events until 20th September, so to run any events prior to this time would possibly cause problems with our event insurance, so we have not pushed things before then.

However, as you can see from our website, we have now started to take event applications for helper training and B grade licencing being organised by our colleagues at West Midlands on 31st October/1st November.  Walsall club trial and AD on the 14/15 November plus Norton club trial on the 29th November being firm dates in the diary.  There have been a lot more enquiries about events but so far these have not come through as being firm dates.  It is also clear that many clubs do not want to run events under the current climate or the interim COVID compliant trial rules that have been sent out to club secretaries.  BAGSD will not apply pressure to any club to run or do anything the club considers to be unsafe or unworkable.  

As always in dog sport, political wrangling has not stopped throughout the pandemic.  Our colleagues at GSDL have had some issues, plus the negotiation for the allocation for FCI places next year has recently started.  Further meetings and discussion will happen going forward but BAGSD remain committed to only sending the best dogs to FCI regardless of breed, selected in a open and fair competition.  This event we hope will be covered by a written signed up and authorised agreement.  There is a long way to go on this and we will let you know how this pans out.  I am only glad that the WUSV Joint is not complicated by these issues as we already have a mutually accepted agreement in place.

I am afraid these cases of COVID increasing in many parts of the UK and travel subject to return quarantine of 14 days, I can see further disruption to our sport in future at all levels.  What impact the recently announced changes to social gatherings has made are not, as this is written, clear.

However, it remains for me to say, we must all stay safe and follow whatever guidance is available to keep safe.

George Robinson


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