Newsletter December 2019

Dear Member. 
Apologies for the lateness of this newsletter, but the end of the year is, as usual, hectic on the International front.   
It has been a very busy year for us as always.  We ended up with our greatest membership ever, 155 members with 54 Score Books issued which we are very happy about, we hope to retain and expand that this coming year.  Our parent organisation still has over 1000 members. We did two fund raisers for our WUSV/FCI Teams. Our Clubs have been exceptionally busy and this autumn alone have run five club trials, an AD and a Helper training day Our Walsall branch supported the FMBB qualifier on behalf of our colleagues the BSDA of GB which was a great success and we wish all the qualifiers the best of luck in the event in France in May 2020,  regardless of Club affiliation. 
Due to our Vice Chair (Kurt Schwenteck) now being resident in Germany, we need a new Vice Chair for 2020. There have been some names put forward, but we need a formal proposal and seconder to get this put to the AGM.  The proposer and seconder must be present at the AGM. 
The basic outline for our AGM to be held at Bagworth in Leicestershire are as follows: - 
1.   Re-election of officials 
2. Election of Vice Chair. 
3. Accounts. 
4. Score book costs to be raised to £10 in line with all other organisations. 
5. Super Trophy 2020 
6. Joint Selection 2020 
7. Potential changes to the FCI selection process 
8. New Helper Licencing procedures proposed by Dean Banks. To include suggestions for helper/tracklayer training 2020 
Any other items for the agenda must be with Anita Robinson by the 4th January. 
I am very pleased to see that around 80% of our paid-up members will have competed at least once this year this year. 
We also recruited two new clubs who have passed the Entry Criteria and look forward to them running events next year.  All our Clubs MUST submit a balance sheet and bank Statement this year as per KC and BAGSD rules.  Certain members of BAGSD EC are very unhappy about poor returns this year so please make sure that this is done. (or we will get our hands wrapped again lol) 
Please note that the IPO levy (£20 membership fee) must now be sent with membership to Nancy Lacey at Head office and can be done at the same time as taking out the BAGSD membership (both payable via bank transfer).  Please remember that all attendees at the AGM must be fully subscribed members. (BAGSD and BAGSD IPO/IGP) 
This year we had representation at both the FCI with Dean Banks (Corrine Wrend unfortunately had to withdraw due to her dog being injured) and Chris Bows at the WUSV.  Both were well supported and gave their best on the big stage. 
Financially (though not yet completed or audited) we ended up the year with only slightly less in the bank than last year and did a lot more testament to our financial prudence and an increase in membership, - so we are living within our means. 
Next year’s Super Trophy is planned to be held in the Midlands run by a consortium of our Midlands Clubs.  The Judge will be Martin Kruiss from Austria, one of the younger FCI Judges. But of course, this will be voted on as usual at the AGM, as will any new potential arrangements for a fairer selection process, following the FCI instructions of only sending our best dogs. These new arrangements as this is written are still under discussion with all legitimate IGP organisations in the UK. 
The Joint Selection trial is in planning with the GSDL, we hope to have much more involvement this year and run the event on a much more prudent basis - hopefully more details on that at the AGM. 
If the membership requests it we also plan to run a couple of Helper training events, one in the Midlands and another in the North, as per this year.  The Northern event had 13 new Helper triers plus a couple of more experienced hands turned out which made it a great success. It was instructed by our own Senior Club trainers plus ‘A’ Graders and longtime Helpers.  I would like the members take on the new format at AGM.  In addition, our Staffordshire club have proposed a new Licence format, details of which will be discussed at the AGM, but basically it is a Rule change which will allow our own Judges to sign off our Helpers which will help us a lot.  This does not mean that it cannot be done, as at present, by an FCI or SV Judge but will ease the financial burden quite a bit.  If this is passed at the AGM these changes will go to our EC for approval and then sanctioned by the KC as any Rule changes need. 
As usual there have been many political challenges this year, not from within our organisation but from the Chairman of the BRSDC and the UKDA, who basically want exclusive places for a dog from each of their organisations to go forward to the FCI, taking places from the GSDL and BAGSD. There latest threat is to ask for suspension of the UK FCI team by both the UK KC and the FCI until this is resolved. I am sure any right-minded person cannot support this as it simply is not sporting and does not follow the FCI dictate of only allowing the best dogs to go to the FCI.  Hopefully some resolution to this can be found shortly. 
George Robinson BAGSD IGP 

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