Newsletter March 2020

Dear Member. 
At this time of year following a successful winter of club trials we would usually have our Super Trophy and the WUSV Joint Qualifier just around the corner which would make this a very busy time indeed BUT this is a very different newsletter to you all.

The winter has proved very challenging to a lot of our clubs with the persistent wet weather making at least three of our clubs' field unworkable.  This has meant that some of our clubs are ground sharing or temporarily re-locating, yet we have still managed a program of winter events getting done by the sheer determination of the organisers.  However, by late February we are becoming concerned that the dark days of the Coronavirus are soon to be upon us.

In the end some of you will have seen the UK Kennel Club decreed that all canine activities be shut down until at least June.  Let me assure you that the organising team of our Super Trophy and ourselves did all that was possible to try and run this event, even re-arranging the Judge who was Austrian Military and could no longer travel, with temporary dispensation given by the FCI to use one of our own Judges.  But sadly, in the end it was not possible to run this event safely, so it had to be postponed.  Club Trials and our Helper Training weekend at West Midlands also had to follow for similar reasons.

At present the WUSC Joint remains on the calandar but it is also within the restricted date as set by the KC.  However, as this is written we are hoping for an improvement in the situation to allow this to go ahead.  Clearly no-one in our Organisation wanted to stop the sport we all love but the health and welfare of our members is of the utmost importance and so events had to be postponed.

This is a clear cost to the Organisation in the loss of flights and hotels which had to be paid in advance, but we are doing our best to get some of the funds back.

Obviously, we cannot say when things will return to normal as this will be down to the Government to lift the restrictions on travel and gatherings.  We are in touch with the GSDL and other organisations on what we can do to get some sort of qualifiers but again this depends on the situation improving.

So, I would urge all our members to follow the Government guidelines as it is only by doing this that we can halt the spread of this dreadful pandemic and get our sport running again. I would just like to add that I believe that many of you may well be in a period of considerable hardship and inconvenience but rest assured that our thoughts are with you and all our dog sport colleagues everywhere.

George Robinson BAGSD IPO/IGP 

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