WUSV Joint Selection Trial

As all of you will appreciate, 2020/21 has brought its own unique challenges in holding qualification and selection trials for any major event, many of which have been cancelled.

At the time of writing the WUSC WM and WUSV Universal Sieger are still planned to take place in Lerma, Spain from the 31st October to the 7th November 2021.  We have declared that Great Britain will send a full team for both events.

Normally BAGSD IPO and the GSDL WDG will jointly host a Selection Trial for the WUSV WM in June of the same year.  Separately the criterial for Universal Sieger yields the selection of the team for this event.

For this year only, it has been agreed that a single selection trial will be organised jointly by BAGSD and GSDL WDG for both the WUSV WM and Universal Sieger combined.

The event will take place on 4th/5th September at Arley Moss Equestrian Centre in Cheshire.  The judge will be Horst-Dieter Traeger, SV.

Entry will be capped at 20 dogs in total with 10 entries available to BAGSD and 10 entries to GSDL WDG competitors.  The entry criterial for the GSDL DG places will be an amalgamation of the criterial for Joint and Universal Sieger, the places will be open to any GSD fulfilling the WUSV criteria for entry onto one of the teams (see below) which has an IGP3 score obtained at a GSDL WDG event since the last Joint Selection Trial (01/07/2019).  Dogs which fulfil the requirements for both teams will be asked to choose which team they wish to be on in order of final placings at the Joint Selection Trial.

The WUSV rules for entry into the 2021 WUSV World Championships:

Only dogs can be admitted who were selected by the national organisation of their country of origin (LAO).  The participating dogs have to pass a WUSV IPO3/IGP3 examination during the period between the previous WUSV World Championship and the World Championship to come.  The handler has to be the same person on the occasion of both events.  The minimum result obtained at this examination has to be 250 points with 80 in each individual section.

Every registered dog must have a WUSV recognised pedigree.  The presentation of a veterinary certificate FITNESS FOR PARTICIPATION in IGP examination is mandatory for all participants.  This certificate has to cover all aspects of the physical fitness of the dog and can only be issued ty a veterinary doctor who was admitted for that purpse by the respective national organisations.  The certificate can be issued either in English or in German.  Forms are available at: http://www.wusv.org/en/documents/forms

An SV/WUSV recognised diagnostic for HD and ED has to be provided with the results normal, almost normal or still admitted, analogue the FCI requirements A, B, C respectively 0,1.  This requirement only applies for dogs born from January 01, 2018 on.

The WUSV rules for entry into the 2021 WUSV Universal Sieger.

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