WUSV Sponsorship 2022

Sponsorship for BAGSD declared WUSV qualifiers from Joint Selection Trial 2022

It is the intention of the BAGSD IGP Committee to offer financial sponsorship of AT LEAST £400.00 to assist BAGSD members attending the WUSV world Championships in Randers, Denmark in 2022, who qualify at the Joint Selection Trial 9th and 10th July 2022.

To be eligible to apply, the BAGSD member will have to fulfil the following criteria:-
Must have been a fully paid up BAGSD member for the past 2 years prior to the Joint Selection Trial
Must have competed at a BAGSD event within the 24 months prior to the Joint Selection Trial.
Must declare on the Joint Selection Trial Entry Form, that they are representing BAGSD

N.B. We would fully intend to exceed this figure by fundraising after the Joint Selection Trial for the successful members