West Midlands IPO Club

Date: 21.8.21

Judge: Tom Nye

T/Layer: Mark Plant

Helper: Richard Harrison



Hail Caesar - Jason Clarke (BSD Mali) - PASS

Rushworth Ozzy - Liz Skingsley (BSD Mali) - PASS

Aka Eylauer Hof Sascha (RTW) - Anita Reeves - PASS

Jo Lene - Ruth Cahill (GSD x)- PASS

Helaka Beatrice - Katy Howard  (GSD)- PASS



Nyrvana Gemini Dream - Percy Symonds - 98,77,70



Chaan Rose Hot Pursuit (BSD Mali) - Rosie Lane - 96,80,90

Avonwolf Born Free Elsa - Jackie Withers (BSD Mali) - 93,90,88

Einar De Alphaville Bohemia - Jess Dunsdon (Dutch Shepherd) - 89,64,80



Demy Vo Moezenbutte - Gail Severn (GSD) - 96,77,86



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About us

BAGSD-IPO/IGP was formed in 2007 in order to comply with WUSV resolutions to encourage the development of the German Shepherd Dog as a true 'Working Dog'.

BAGSD-IPO/IGP is WUSV and Kennel Club Registered


Though BAGSD & BAGSD-IPO/IGP are primarily engaged with the German Shepherd Dog; other working breeds are encouraged to join, in order to give them a UK 'gateway' into the IGP sport.


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