Trial/Event Dates and other Info

Date Trial/Event Judge Results  
22/01/2023 BAGSD IGP AGM 2023 N/A   Other Info
25/02/2023 Chase IPO Club Trial Peter Rhode SV Results   Other Info
04/03/2023 Helper Training / Licensing Tom Nye   Other Info
29/04/2023 FCI Joint Qualifier Clement Grosso Results   Other Info
06/05/2023 West Midlands Club Trial Tom Nye Results   Other Info
20/05/2023 Supertrophy Berry Kleinhesselink Results   Other Info
03/06/2023 WUSV Joint Qualifier Fabizio Coppola Results   Other Info
10/06/2023 British Sieger Show N/A   Other Info
01/07/2023 East Cleveland IPO Club Trial Diana Segers Results   Other Info
30/07/2023 Main BAGSD AGM N/A   Other Info
05/08/2023 Helper Training / Licensing Heather Corkin   Other Info
14/10/2023 West Midlands Club Trial Heather Corkin Results   Other Info
21/10/2023 Walsall IPO Club Trial and AD test Jim Jackson Results   Other Info
04/11/2023 Helper Training / Licensing Tom Nye   Other Info

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