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BAGSD-IPO Helper Training Weekend


Read our short report on our 1st Helper Training weekend with John "Jock" Mitchell. You will also find plenty of photos >>here<<

FCI IPO World Championships '18


We wish Team GB the very best of Luck at this years FCI IPO WC in Italy.

ITALY WC Website


BAGSD-IPO Super Trophy '18


Results of our Super Trophy 2018 can be found >>here<<



We have confirmation from Rachel Mansfield Kennel Club WDA that Kurt Schwenteck has been approved by the KC as an IPO Judge. Kurt joins Thomas Nye as our 2nd KC approved IPO Judge.

Last updated: 12.24 pm, 06.07.2018

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About us

BAGSD-IPO was formed in 2007 in order to comply with WUSV resolutions to encourage the development of the German Shepherd Dog as a true 'Working Dog'.

BAGSD-IPO is WUSV and Kennel Club Registered


Though BAGSD & BAGSD-IPO are primarily engaged with the German Shepherd Dog; other working breeds are encouraged to join, in order to give them a UK 'gateway' into the IPO sport.